Introducing Communicate and Protect, our latest communication technology developed specifically for infant, junior and primary schools.

Would you benefit from an instant, dynamic and highly visual system that can send a message to all your classrooms at the touch of a button?  

Our in-school communication system can send general messages, security alerts and lockdown notifications directly to classroom whiteboards and computers ensuring swift and timely messaging for all staff and pupils. 

Following your 30-day free trial...

• no commitment to proceed
• only £25 monthly

• cancel at any time
• no long-term commitment

with communicate & protect:

General Messaging

Using a mobile phone or computer, send instant messages to whiteboards and computers around your school and change messages whenever you wish. Each message can be dual-coded, by adding emojis, characters or images or your choice. Bring your everyday communications to life – 

  • Create and display your own messages
  • Announce achievements such as class of the day, wet play, star of the week or fundraising achievements
  • Add your logo/colours/mascot
  • Select from a library of images


All schools have a lockdown procedure but does your school have a lockdown system? Combining the two is the most effective for a lockdown situation. Hopefully, you will never use the Lockdown facility, but it’s critical to be prepared. Communicate & Protect can – 

  • Send immediate messages
  • Clear, precise and un-missable
  • Send different messages to different classrooms or offices
  • Pre-stored messages and alerts
  • Cover your entire school
  • Allocate unlimited users


Clear and open communication is key to effective safeguarding in UK infant, junior and primary schools. Robust policies and training must be in place to identify and respond to concerns, and these measures must be communicated effectively to staff, pupils, and parents. By prioritising transparent communication, Communicate and Protect helps strengthen schools to create a safe and nurturing environment for children to thrive in.

Protect Duty

Martyn’s Law is pending UK-wide legislation that will place a requirement on those responsible for certain publicly accessible locations to consider the threat from terrorism and implement appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures. 

Communicate and Protect ensures you comply with one of the key aspects of this legislation – communication.

trusted across the education sector

Ensuring the safety of your staff and students

Communicate & Protect is a division of Audiebant Ltd, serving the public sector for over 30 years.